Can The U.S Afford Alienating Narendra Modi?

Post date: Nov 10, 2013 10:17:1 PM

Narendra Modi is not just a three term successful and democratically elected Chief Minister in the Indian province of Gujarat, from September 2013, he is also the official Prime Ministerial candidate of National Democratic Alliance, the main opposition block, for upcoming General Polls to be held some time around April 2014. In all opinion polls carried out by major survey agencies in India, he is whoppingly the most popular choice of a billion people. In September '13, a premier election surveyor C-Voter reported Modi as #1 choice with 55% lead, compared to Rahul Gandhi, the Nehru dynasty's heir apparent, trailing at 18%. Though this was an early lead, it is not likely to reverse before election. Modi is almost set to be the 14th Prime Minister of India. In worst case, for debate's sake, the Leader of the Opposition in Parliament. Not engaging with him, is disregardful of the democracy of India, US's democratic peer.

In 2005, Bush Administration revoked Modi's tourist visa, under pressure from the Evangelist lobby working relentlessly in India for decades on dubious purposes. Some for good cause of charity. Some on an 'Age of Empire' mission. But when Obama Administration officials have been talking out of turn univocally, at least till October '13, "visa policies unchanged", they were playing to the Red Galleries. There was dangerous intrusion by Extremist supremacy groups into policies under Bush regime, there are worse and more harmful Red bugs under Obama's. Friends in Israel will agree on this too. Perhaps the US needs another avatar of Jefferson to build a Rubicon between the State and the Apostate.

The US, in recent days, has been under this acidic assault more than ever before. We have seen how litmus of bipartisan public decisions is mindlessly turning Red these days in multiple occurrences. What, till a few years back, was a fringe voice against Israel, is now being trumpeted across diplomatic quarters. US dealing with Syria, Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, and even 'drone today-dole tomorrow' policy with the traitor State Pakistan bear testimony of massive confusion that has been injected within. Harvard dismissing Dr. Subramaniam Swamy, a long time economics lecturer for what he wrote half way around the world or Wharton India Economic Forum canceling scheduled keynote speech of Modi under blackmail of Jihado-Facsist gang, were burning examples. Healthcare reforms and giving up to Red agenda groups are not equally acceptable socialist practice. The former has some merit, the later challenges liberty.

Prevailing perception of Modi is that of a forward-looking administrator who means business. He showcases his province's economic growth over the last decade quite aptly. Growth rate in industry, trade, agriculture, standard of living, Modi's Gujarat has outsmarted India's average in all spheres. Market is bullish on his name. Goldman Sachs and CLSA have upgraded respective investment advices on India assuming Modi gets to the helm. His annual summit 'Vibrant Gujarat' has enthused investors across the globe. Modi not only injected hope into the common man, but in Glodman Sach's words, 'Modi-fied' the market. While Modi, after turning his Gujarat to a land of opportunities, is poised to replicate the same success story to rest of India, global economies seem to follow the tune too. UK, Australia, Japan, Canada and China have established relationship with him officially. How long the U.S afford to skip the bus?Narendra Modi also poses as the' Iron Man' (Lauh Purush), pitted against the lackluster, effete leadership of incumbent Congress. He prefers to emulate and own the legacy of Sardar Patel, and not Nehru or Indira. Which means, he breaks off the Lohiaite shackle, the Nehruvian status quo of Indian politics. He is the first national leader after Indira and Vajpayee who talks with the nation, sweeps the masses, evokes passion. And all these, minus the pro-Sovietism of Nehru and anti-Americanism of Indira. Does not the U.S still see a potential ally in him? U.S must not keep alienating this Modi any further based on some Red propaganda that have been rejected by Indian courts. U.S must not create an Ahmadinejad which it can very well start with as a Cameron.

Lastly, though Mr. Narendra Modi does not harp on the traditional strings of 'secularism', blames rivals for practicing it as a 'votebank politics', his political USP 'Development for All, Appeasement to None' concludes that he embodies Ashoka, the best and most benevolent leader India ever had. The political rant machine against him has anyways got booed down my Muslim population in his own province Gujarat. In my eyes, he is definitely not anti-Muslim.

Photo Credit: Jagaran Post