Open Letter to MEA over Pak min’s callous remark

Post date: Dec 17, 2012 1:8:50 AM

This letter is a permitted republication from - author: Jaymin Panchal, founder, 'Ek Aur Prayas' foundation

15th December’ 2012


The Minister of External Affairs – India,

New Delhi

Subject: Pakistan’s Interior minister Rehman Malik’s callous remark on Capt. Kalia.

Mr. Khurseed,

On the Death Anniversary of Hon’able Shri Sardar Vallabh bhai Patel, the real architect of Independent India, I write this letter with deep anguish over the callous remark made by Mr. Rehman Malik, Interior Minister of Pakistan, on his visit to India on 14th December’ 2012 and the eloquent silence of India’s external affairs minister and ministry over the same.

Mr. Malik, Interior minister of Pakistan who is on Indian tour, on invitation by your government, has issued vile statements on Indo-Pak relations, terrorism, and on issue of martyrdom of Captain Saurabh Kalia among others. The statements make mockery of Indian soldiers and our sentiments.

Pakistan’s Interior Minister has insulted the death of Captain Kalia by suggesting that cold weather could be the reason for our brave soldier’s death instead of cold blooded brutality engineered by Pakistani soldiers or terrorists, who are sponsored by Pakistani army / establishment, which were used against Indian soldiers during Kargil war in 1999. The minister also suggested that India has not raised the formal complaint with Pakistan.

Even more distressing is the fact that the India’ external minister and his ministry has not issued even a token statement of protest or presented the facts through press release to set the record straight. It is also disgusting to note that the External Ministry has not demanded any explanation from Pakistan Minister over his statements.

The lies of Pakistan Minister were exposed by Mr. Kanchan Gupta (Former Media Advisor to PM during 1998 – 2004), on micro-blogging site, Twitter. Mr. Gupta mentioned that formal complaint on Captain Kalia’s death was lodged with Pakistan establishment in 1999 and also at three different meetings the issue was raised until May 2004.

Any peace talks with the adversary nation conducted at the cost of the National interest or by disrespecting the martyrdom of Indian soldier, cannot be considered as bridging the trust deficit, but instead it is outright sell-out of Indian interest to enemy nation by the meek government (with enough suspicion of ulterior motive, even if it is unproven or fictional).

As a citizen of India, I would like to demand a strong protest from India’s Minister of External Affairs, who is under constitutional oath to serve to my nation’s best interest, against Pakistan Interior Minister. Also would like to request the ministry to in a suo-moto manner, disclose the communication between Indian government and Pakistan establishment, specifically related to case of Captain Saurabh Kalia.

I request the minister and his ministry to take the cognizance of seriousness of the matter presented in this letter and also undertake a quick follow up action on the matter which is close to every Indians heart.


Jaymin Panchal

Founding Member – Ek Aur Prayaas,


P.S – Images are taken from Google Image // Hindustan Times // LUBP