About us

What is South Asia Center?

South Asia Center for Reintegration and Independent Research (SACRIR) is now South Asia Center. SACRIR was founded in Jan 2011 by resident and migrant volunteer scholars, professionals and free thinkers from South Asia. It was later joined by many others of varied backgrounds from various corners of North America and Indian subcontinent.

The main objective of South Asia Center is to encourage independent researches and studies on Indian subcontinent, from the river Kabul on the west to banks to the Irawaddy in east, from central Asian Silk Route to the Indian Ocean.

The current seven desks of studies are:

1) Macroeconomics 2) Geopolitics 3) Social Development 4) Legacy-Religion-Civilization 5) Agenda Bharat 6) Diaspora 7) Energy & Resources

Associate Members:

Bongosaur | Founder Research Associate - Geopolitics (South Asia) Desk

One of our founding members and active participant from the Mid-west. Avid social-networker, a blend of ideals from both, conventional centrist and benign nationalist schools. Has scholarly interests and writes on Geopolitics, Social Development, Legacy-Religion-Civilization. Has been a columnist, op-ed writer and blogger for years. Follow him on Twitter: @Bongosaur or his blogsite.

Swarna Surjya Chakraborty | Agenda Bharat (Defense) Desk

Swarna is a thorough defense researcher and is a goldmine of South Asian military rivalry. He stays immersed in growing defense might of the new regional forces in Asia and Asia Pacific, that he calls as CHIVAS - China, Hindusthan (India), Israel, Vietnam, Australia and Saudi Arabia - REGAL ;-)

Swarna is a seasoned technologist, works with a prominent IT company and started as the Defense Desk Lead of SACRIR in 2018. Follow Swarna on Twitter: @swarna_surjya or his personal blogsite.

Gaurav Pande | Social Development Desk

A vivid reader, and observer of India's socio-economic groundswell from the ground; An ex pravasi, who chased his roots and passion back to Vidarbha to find his time to research, analyze and document the massive social development and their impact on South Asian lives, and at the same time the shortcomings of some policy implementations.

Gaurav is a technocrat by profession; A sociologist by passion; Leading the Social Development Desk since Sep' 2019.