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Sarve santu sukhina, i.e "happiness to all" comprises my core belief. This is the perpetual truth ideally believed by all races, religions, cultures, communities and civilizations.

Bharat's quest for knowledge since ancient Copper Ages has led us toward the widest horizon of wisdom. Wisdom on every front - chemical sciences, astronomy, medicines, mathematics, architecture, theosophy and democratic administration. Evolution of Harappa civilization, through Jambudweep, Aryavarta, Bharat, Hindustan, to India has been, thus, the field that draws me most. It is a single thread of mankind in continuity. People may call this as Indology.

It astonishes me utterly when I find how glorious were the days when the sages used to compose the Rig Veda, the richest narration of nature, men and life- orally and which passed across generations by just listening and reciting. Usage of preservable scripting was still unknown to the world. Shruti as popularly this medium of transmission of knowledge is known as, has been discovered in many of the ancient civilizations like those of the Mayans but, never was it so extensive.

Early Mesopotamian life used to accumulate surrounding a Ziggurat, while the same trait has been seen in Mayan society where settlements grew up circling a Machu Pichu. But very few of us pay attention that these are no disintegrated civilizations that we talk of. Primitive Indus society was a civic one that used to cluster around the Central Citadel or Temple of the town. It would not be too insane to say Egyptians, Mesopotamians, Byzantines, Mayans, Sumerians. were sisters or daughters of the same Sindhu life. And yet, world's interest hardly crawl beyond Egypt.

And so were Aryans. The Pashupati of Harappa, Pushan of Rig Vedic period, Rudra of Atharva Vedic age and Shiva of post-Ramayana period have been the same shepherd God who cares for all living beings on this planet, is the source of all medications and invoker of inevitable destruction. The great yogi Shiva's predecessor Pashupati usually postured in Mulabandhasana - an asana of masters level.

And latest scientific researches disprove any Aryan-Dravidian divide of races. Samples of DNA taken from Kashyapmir (Kashmir) to Kumarikandam of Thravida (Tamilnadu) have been found same.

It is immensely interesting that Bharat was the economic superpower with 33% World GDP share in 1st Century CE thru 17th Century CE and equally frustrating that we slipped to distant 12 with a meager 2% global share by 2008. How would we explain this? Lack of vision? disunity? invasions? plundering? population? Or just lack of detachment from roots, that eased in breakdown of social fabric, capital corrosion, mind drain, apathy and self-destruction. We are no more Bharat, as our politicians copied the West, our samajwadi fringe followed Russia, our communist leaders followed China. But have we learned anything from them? Is China a communist country at all? Has Russia succeeded as a nation? Is the West perfect? Is China not just the communist-ish version of the same Han empire who was second highest in GDP in the world in 1st century and still they are third, in spite of population increase and rival neighbors?

We people of modern Bharat, what the British changed to be India, have forgotten our own glory. We as a nation have extracted nothing from our history, milked nothing from our sashtras; instead danced to the tunes of either communism or capitalism or a vague socialism. While the vital tenets of democracy is embedded in Vedic administration, we blindly copied Westminster parliamentary democracy from the British, which even is rejected by the U.S.

We will be the glorious Bharat again, when we would learn about the glory of Bharat. It's all in mind. Let's march back to future.

- "Bongosaur"

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